Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My day started out really horribly, one of my credit cards was stolen and I had to deal with that mess then my iPad suddenly wouldn't connect to the internet, another call had to be made to ATT and those never are quick. Whew.  I had a few minutes mid day to try one of the techniques, FAILURE!  Couldn't get the technique that Jennifer Mcguire showed today.
But it is now 7 pm and I have had another go at it and woohoo it worked.  I tried a smaller 
acrylic block and that seemed to do the trick.   However, I am so tired that I really didn't do a great job on finishing the card.  I should have paper pieced the stamped images (Mama Elephant) but my brain function and creativity at this hour is zilch and on top of that I had to photo using artificial light. Fingers crossed for no glitches tomorrow!

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