Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good morning everyone.   Here is a quick tip of the day.  Clear stamps need to be conditioned before using and my method for that is quick and easy.  I used to file my new stamps away without conditioning and would condition as I used them.  Not good.  I couldn't remember which were conditioned and which weren't.  Here is a better method using my new button boutique set from  Papertreyink

Here you can see that I have applied the labels to the outer covers
I cut off the label from the sticker to allow for more room
in the jewel case

I P-Touch a label 

Now this is my quick and easy tip.  BEFORE removing the stamps from
the acetate sheet, I use my fine nail file and go over every stamp.
That way they are all conditioned and I don't have to remember if
I conditioned them or not and it is so easy while they are 
still attached to the acetate.

Last step, file away by manufacturer.

I know this seems like a simple idea but it is one that has
saved me time and guesswork.

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My Copic Storage

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Copic Storage

Here is my wonderful Copic storage box (my idea and my husbands handywork).  We started with a wine crate that we knew would fit on my bookshelf and I bought the light louver from Home Depot.  

Empy crate with trimmed louvers

Louver gorilla glued to wood strip

Back louver glued into place

Front louver glued in and then screwed in for stability-
they WILL NOT move, no matter what I do

And here is the finished product! It holds all my pens (354 ish) with lots of room
to grow.  Isn't it beautiful!

Now my coloring corner is complete.

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