Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As much as I love using my copics and feel very comfortable with them, I am a relative newbie to colored pencils.  I have had my Prismacolors for a long time but other than sharpening them I had not really done much with them.  I think I was intimidated by seeing what professional artists can do with them which seems almost magical.  But I have been trying.  The adult coloring book craze has been a major aid in motivating me to use my pencils.  Having read so many different articles on blending options I decided I needed to try them for myself.  Let me say first off that I had only ever tried a blending (or burnishing) pencil and may not have been using properly but I didn't get great results.  I then watched a YouTube video about using vaseline but when I tried it I found that, for me, it was hard to control and I got big clumps of vaseline on my pencil or blending stump.  Gamsol I was familiar with but after spilling the container and getting the smell everywhere I decided it wasn't for me and I again, wasn't loving the results.  Next up, Baby Oil.  Who would have thought that this would give both lovely results in a controllable manner and NO SMELL!
I also liked that I could go over the area that I had already blended with the baby oil and add more color which I did in both the rose and the flower.

First layer


Blended with additional layers

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  1. Blended, or not, your flower looks absolutely awesome! Can't believe you are new to it!! But I am glad you are trying it out - cuz you have done wonders here! Also, thanks for showing the results of the blending! :)