Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I just read a great blog by  Victoria Elizabeth Barnes .  She writes whatI want to write (but she writes about remodeling) in the way that I want to write it but somehow don't.   Maybe that's because I mostly write in my head, like random thoughts composing themselves into an almost perfect blog post with no spelling or grammatical errors.  But, then I make breakfast and I can't remember ANYTHING.  I want everyone to read my blog, I am desperate for you to read my blog but I forget to write my blog.  You do see that this is a problem.  So, the eggs are congealing in a bowl, my husband is unfed but, drum roll, I am writing this down by hand, with a pen, not too legible but legible enough that I was able to transcribe it.  Should I get a voice recorder app for my phone?  I hate the way I sound on recordings but I have to find someway of getting what is in my head onto my blog. When I sit down to write, no thoughts come.  As I am drifting off to sleep, I write great stuff, remembering none of it in the morning.  Have you had this problem?  Have you solved it?  Please write, send postcards, texts, I need HELP!  I even have a sizable stash of cards that need posting that are rotting in the computer (can cards go bad or will they just fade away?).  
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