Sunday, March 24, 2013

So I've had a head cold and a sore throat and swollen glands which has reduced me to a state of infantile grouchiness. In addition to the above miseries I started to read a new Harlan Cobin mystery, Six Years,before I went to sleep last night and it was calling to me in my dreams. When my husband woke me with an errant elbow to my head, I figured it was time to get up (1:30 am) and read (till 5:30am) when I finished the darn book. Now I am foggy headed and abusing my iPad and listening to watching Maria Sharapova in the Miami quarterfinals. Unable to move from the sofa, still in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers I was doing a search for a knitting technique when I came upon this blog, Yarn Harlot written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
I am sure many, most? of you knitters out there may be familiar with her but I mostly read paper crafting blogs and paleo food blogs. In addition to her blog she has a number of books on Amazon. Even if you don't knit you should read this blog. This woman is extremely funny and made me laugh out loud and generally took me out of my crankiness. If I had more of a voice today, I would be reading it outloud to my husband but I can't and I refuse to relinquish my iPad to him. She started the blog in 2004, and that's where I started reading. Oh dear, this may keep me up another night. Maybe I better nap.
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