Copic Coloring at Altitude, Mammoth Lakes CA

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We are up in the Eastern Sierras for a week enjoying the beautiful, cooler weather, hiking and biking.  Aside from our aged labrador having breathing problems it has been very relaxing.  When we come up here I usually bring all my copics and a lot of images to color, no paper, cardstock or card making stuff as it is just too much. The most important thing to remember when using your Copics at altitude is to remember to open them from BOTH ends at the same time the first time you use them.  That way the pressure equalizes and you don't get ink blobbing all over your paper.   Here are a couple of coloring projects that I have worked on and will make into cards when I get home.  
Justinlined poppy corner
Justinklined Poppy Corner

Here is a detail.  
Justinklined Poppy corner detail

Justinklined Gardener's Harvest
Justinklined Gardeners Harvest
I have left the wheelbarrow uncolored for now since I may want to 
co-ordinate with a paper.

The reds are better in the original but I am pretty happy with the way this
turned out.  It was hard to get the bluish tint to the 
large cabbage leaves.

And last but not least a pic of the boats at Lake George a few days ago. 
I was hoping to get a photo of the Momma Bear that comes around
to steal fish from the fishermen on an almost daily basis.  
I walked around the whole lake but no luck.

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