Sunday, August 19, 2012

I always wait for a weekend when my hubby is away so I can make a total mess and clean up.
So, that's what I did on this extremely hot weekend.  Got the dog out early, did some chores and then it was time to get down to business.  One of the things I cleaned out was almost a years worth of kits from Club Scrap from when I first started scrapping and I realized, I NEVER scrap or make cards from kits.  It is a wonderful resource if you can work with prepared kits but I can't.
So, I took all those kits, which I had nicely stored in plastic envelopes, and separated them out into their components.  Printed paper, card stock, vellum etc.  Some of the printed card stock was so dated.  Who would of thought that craft supplies would look as dated as old clothes!
Well they do, but the backsides are perfectly plain and usable.   Anything I felt I couldn't use I put in a box to give away.   Same thing with stickers.  I used to use a gazillion of them (remember Creative Memories?) in my scrapbooks, and  looking back on those early albums, they look good but its not how I am scrapping now.  Thanks to the Cameo I don't have to constantly buy stickers so those also got stashed in a more effective way, file folders by category, and a whole lot got put into the give away box.   I actually ended up with three empty paper cubbies and some extra room on one storage shelf, and I only used supplies I had on hand.  
The only thing I did purchase were these really neat Post It clear plastic envelopes which are perfect for storing left over die cuts.  I have them in an old wood box at the moment and can store them right on the shelf with my Big Shot. 
All in all, a very productive weekend (it feels even better than cleaning out my closet) and I have refreshed my memory of what supplies I have on hand.

Sticker storage
Newly organized sticker storage.
Wow, three empty paper shelves. Hmm...

Craft storage for die cuts
Excellent storage option for a variety of things

Craft die cut storage
very compact storage for left over die cuts


Martha Stewart Home Office Avery Labels

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