Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I have had a major problem with copic storage.  I love to look at them all lined up neatly in my craft room but I like to sit with my husband in the evenings and color while I am bored  am watching tv.  Here is what I first used.  I know a lot of people have created their own storage using these plastic grids from Home Depot but I found that my pens didn't pull out easily and occasionally the cap caught and pulled off.  Made me crazy.

I then invested (on sale) a full set of Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pen Storage
                                                      Crafter's Companion The Ultimate Pens and Markers Storage (Perfect for Copic & ShinHan) - Blue 
which worked GREAT!  Except......Not portable.  When I took the Copic Certification classes a few years ago, Copic was just coming out with their large totes and we each got one for taking the class. Woohoo!  I really found the little bag thingies that came with the tote irritating, the pens would fall over and I spent too much time searching for colors.  A few nights ago just before falling asleep, I started to wonder about putting separate cardboard boxes in the tote.  The small postal boxes fit perfectly!  I used 8 1/2 boxes.  I cut them to 4" tall and used the leftovers to create dividers.  This gives me the perfect solution, organized AND portable!  Now I can color like a fiend for Kathy's 30Day Color Challenge! The Daily Marker

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