Friday, September 27, 2013

Searching the universe for paper scrap storage ideas? I was. My scrap storage was a total disaster; actually it was tidy but useless. Paper scraps were in Cropper Hopper envelopes that were too deep and unwieldy and hard to use. I also had a drawer and a bunch of other piles of scraps lying around because I hate to file.  Worse still I also never bothered to look through my scraps because "outta sight......"
But I love my Raskog cart from Ikea and I thought that the top of it would be a great place to put a scrap filing system.  On the top of the cart I placed a cardboard box that measures 8.25” x 14.25” x 7.5” tall.  I already had about three of these ITOYA PolyZip envelopes, PZ-20CR  but I ended up buying about 17 more from the Office Dealer.  For only $1.69 they weren't a big investment and they are great for all kinds of storage.  In addition to the envelope space which zips closed, there is a front pocket.  I store my solid papers in the large envelope and in the front pocket I store all the patterned paper.  I have lately been putting some patterned scraps back in their pads to keep them together but these are all old scraps.  It is very, very convenient.  I just pick the envelope I want and can take it right to my work table.  On the little front tab I put a coordinating piece of Washi tape and P-touched a small label.  Now I just need to decorate the hideous box.  Any ideas?

My catagories are: ROYGBIV, pink, kraft, grey, Halloween, Christmas, Metallics and shimmers and I will probably have a separate one for 7 x 7" papers cut for albums but didn't get used. 

 Also great as project storage.

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Can you see the section in front of the zippered pocket?
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  1. I am going to search for some of these envelopes! Thanks for the great tip!