Thursday, April 18, 2013

 I’m resigned to the fact that my own tiny craft room will always be in a state of flux, since I’m forever experimenting with new and clever ways to sort all this STUFF and cram it in somewhere.  I'm not really complaining- well maybe I am- I actually HAVE a room but  I will be forever thankful to Jennifer McGuire and her stamp storage post!

Here is what I do;
1. Clear stamps in CD cases and some in Stampin Up plastic stamp boxes
2. Unmounted rubber background just stacked up 
3. Wood mounted stamps are in old DMC yarn storage drawers (from my defunct needlepoint store)
4. Clings are in four large binders

I am sure you can see that there are a number of problems with this.  The stamps are all over the place, the clings in the binders I never remember to use (I need everything visually accessible) and putting stamps into the CD cases is tedious.

What Jennifer McGuire has done is to put all her stamps into envelopes that she can flip through.  I was INSPIRED.  I love the idea of just flipping through the envelopes as that's how I store my dies and it really works for me. See this post.Die Storage. I decided to buy a couple Avery Elle stamp envelopes and see how they really work. I AM IN LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with these things.  I cut cheap white cardstock for a background in each envelope and labelled the front of the envelope with my P-touch (everything I have is labelled with P-Touch and I should by stock in the company).  In two seconds the stamps were transferred into their new home and ready to flip through.  I am waiting for the refrigerator box Fridge Binz - Amazon Prime that Jennifer recommends and then I will transfer the clings from the binders into the envelopes.  The stamps that already in the CD cases I will leave but maybe move all the sentiment stamps to the new system.  

These envelopes works for all clear stamps including Papertrey Ink (just stick the enclosed label right onto the acetate) and this is so FAST and EASY.  I've had four PTI sets still sitting in their boxes because I haven't had time to put them in CD cases and it took longer to get them out of their boxes than it did to get them into the new envelopes. And let's talk about how reasonably priced these are.  3 for $1.00.  Can't do better than this.

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