Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good morning everyone.   Here is a quick tip of the day.  Clear stamps need to be conditioned before using and my method for that is quick and easy.  I used to file my new stamps away without conditioning and would condition as I used them.  Not good.  I couldn't remember which were conditioned and which weren't.  Here is a better method using my new button boutique set from  Papertreyink

Here you can see that I have applied the labels to the outer covers
I cut off the label from the sticker to allow for more room
in the jewel case

I P-Touch a label 

Now this is my quick and easy tip.  BEFORE removing the stamps from
the acetate sheet, I use my fine nail file and go over every stamp.
That way they are all conditioned and I don't have to remember if
I conditioned them or not and it is so easy while they are 
still attached to the acetate.

Last step, file away by manufacturer.

I know this seems like a simple idea but it is one that has
saved me time and guesswork.

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